Saint Malo

Welcome to Saint - Malo

Located less than an hour away from Rennes, the maritime city of Saint-Malo is known for its fortified town centre, and has succeeded in preserving its authentic feel while embracing the future and standing out as a contemporary city.

Steeped in history and packed full of charm, locals here enjoy a great community spirit. Wander through the markets that pop up in a different neighbourhood every day here, and explore the city's treats for the senses.  

A renowned tourism destination, there's things for visitors to see and do here throughout the year. The 29 kilometres of coastline offer up sweeping views of ever-changing landscapes. A stroll along the ramparts reveals the beauty of the heaving tides around the Bay of Saint-Malo, one of Europe's biggest.

Saint Malo's port is also a bustling centre of various types of trade. A commercial port, fishing harbour, marina and economic boon for the city, boats set off from its shores for the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom.

A moment of history :

Breakwaters made from wooden stakes run the length of the Plage du Sillon beach, designed to protect the city from the relentless crashing of the waves. This unique system was developed in the 17th century in the aftermath of a storm that ravaged the ramparts. Today, 3,000 are still standing, and form an integral part of the local landscape.

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